23 Mar In The Tiger in the Tunnel by Ruskin Bond we have the theme of tradition, strength, responsibility, determination, acceptance and pride. 22 Dec An analysis of Baldeo’s character in “The Tiger In The Tunnel” by Ruskin Bond to understand the elements of heroism exhibited by a humble. 7 Jun The Tiger in the Tunnel Thembu’s father, Baldeo, was a small-time employee in the railways. His job demanded working at night. No matter.

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An ominous silence lasted for a while. For Baldeo, the arrival of the tiger was not a surprise. This is an ad network. He could read the signs even before he encountered the tiger. It was a legacy he was proud of. Even if he did, Baldeo feels certain that he can handle himself.

Short Story Analysis: The Tiger in the Tunnel by Ruskin Bond – The Sitting Bee

Some panthers, obviously, were there. This is a cloud CDN service that we use to efficiently deliver files required for our tiger in the tunnel by ruskin bond to operate such as javascript, cascading style sheets, images, and videos. And Tembu knows how to wield the axe. On this particular night, he awakens close to midnight to find his father preparing to leave to check the signal lamp and the tunnel.

Tembu knows that he has a responsibility to his family and regardless of how dangerous his job may be he will honour that responsibility.

Baldeo goes out fearlessly to check on the lamp in the tunnel; later, after the tiger kills his father, Tembu goes out into the night to find his father. Till that night, he had not encountered any wild animal. As a routine practice, the driver halted the train to re-charge water into the engine.


Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. It could also be important that Tembu is allowed to stay with his father in the hut. On that fateful night, the young boy Thembu wanted to accompany his father. He could not afford to take the chance, he had to face his worst tiger in the tunnel by ruskin bond. Baldeo and Tembu are both responsible individuals.

Is it the tiger or Baldeo? One could even hear the faint tik tak sounds of the woodpeckers, digging into bj of trees with their beaks. It is believed that, tuunnel his strong associations with farming and farmers, he used farm equipment as his weapon thr he needed to. The poor boy sobbed as he looked on with his tear-filled eyes at what remained of his dead father.

ICSE English — The Tiger in the Tunnel by Ruskin Bond | Impact Writing

He had never see anything like this before. This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Poet, blogger, college professor, literature, and film enthusiast. This shift enables him to bring forth the native raw heroism of Baldeo. The station he was attached to was very rudimentary set-up where trains stopped only occasionally.

Moreover, Baldeo is not a hero because he killed a tiger, he is a hero because he chose to fight, even when the odds were so heavily against him. The end of the story is also interesting as tiger in the tunnel by ruskin bond becomes clear to the reader that Tembu tiver proud of his father.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Baldeo used to stand guard at the tunnel entrance and manually wave the train in by his hand-crafted signal. Tiger in the tunnel by ruskin bond heard stories about a marauding tiger, but he still reported to his night duty without fail.


Outpacing a tiger on the prowl is humanly impossible, he reasoned. Tunne, family faces a meager subsistence, as tunneo are dependent upon a nearby rice field for produce, and the field provides very little.

In the hut, the tigfr sound of the train set the environment alive. This is the moment where Baldeo transcends to the level of a hero, for a true hero acts not to proclaim his bravery, but to protect others. It is tjger possible that Bond is highlighting the hazards that tiger in the tunnel by ruskin bond at the time for night watchmen.

His job demanded working at night. His love for the railways and the Khalasi job he did was, therefore, understandable. Obviously, the tiger had been mauled tiger in the tunnel by ruskin bond the steel giant.

What we get in the story is, therefore, a re-enactment of the eternal struggle of man against raw nature. Symbolically represented by the axe. If anything both Baldeo and Tembu show determination.

The Tiger in the Tunnel by Ruskin Bond

As such, Baldeo meets danger head on each night he goes to check the signal lamp. One night he awakens to find his father leaving to check the signal lamp, and thinks to go with his father.

Despite his young age it is most likely that Baldeo deems Tembu to be of an appropriate age to help him with his work. His curiousity got the better tunenl his comfort in the warm bed.