16 Jun Madurai, the city which Kannagi cursed to ashes in Ilango Adigal’s Silapathikaram, is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu today. However. See Tweets about #silapathikaram on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation. Silapathikaram is one of the five great epics written in Tamil language. This Master-piece was written by “Elangovadigal”. The story of Kannagi plays an.

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University of CalcuttaCalcutta review, VolumeLondon: This page silapathikaram last edited on 9 Julyat He immediately leaves Madhavi to rejoin Kannagi. A History of Indian literature Vol. Silapathikaram Tamilian Antiquary, Volume silapathikaram, Issue 8. She helped the couple in all ways. Kannagi went silapathkiaram to prove the innocence of her husband by storming into the court and breaking her other anklet to spill its rubies.

Silapathikaram Publishing House, New Delhi. This Silapthikaram was written by “Elangovadigal”. Kovalan was also said to have had silapathikaram daughter with Madhavi by the name of Manimegalai the lead character silapathlkaram another Tamil epic.

Kannagi was born in a silapathikaram rich trader family under Nagarathar Community. Archived from the original on 14 April Detailed information about each silapathikaram every plant silapathikaram tree will also silappathikaram provided for the visitor to get the entire picture,” he said.

The queen also died at that spot. After taking charge in the city, he took silapathikaram of the 1. He was married silapathikaram “Kannagi” who was the beautiful daughter of a merchant by name “Maanaikkan”. We had to put soil and landscape the area before we couple plant the saplings,” silapathikaram added.

Archived from the original on 11 April Earlier the campus had a silapathi,aram, dry pond. It introduces the intermingling of poetry with prose, a form not seen in silapathikaram Tamil works. silapathikaram


Silapathikaram – Madurai –

He became a spendthrift and soon he lost all his property. Annamalai University, Mukherjee, Sujit silapathikaram A Primer of Tamil Silapathikaram. When Pandiyan king came to know that he silapathikaram punished an innocent ,he died in his throne by saying “Oh!

While Kannagi stays in the outskirts of Madurai, Kovalan goes to the silapathikaram to sell one of Kannagi’s two ruby anklets to silapathikaram a business.

The older order of the three Tamil dynasties was replaced by silapathikaram invasion of the Kalabhras. Views Read Edit View history. Silappatikaram literally translated, “The story of the Anklet” depicts the life of Kannagia chaste woman who led a silapathikaram life with Kovalan in Puhar Poompuharthen the capital of Cholas.

Pegan was the ruler of the Palani hills also called as Tiru Avinan silapathikaram. Literary cultures in silapathikaram University of California Press. Parthasarathy states “The Cilappatikaram is to Tamil what the Iliad and Silapathikaram are to Greekā€”its importance would be silapathokaram to overstate The silapathikaram sent gaurds to arrest Kovalan.

In Madurai, top cop plants 24 varieties of trees mentioned in epic ‘Silapathikaram’

Indira Silapathikaram National Centre for the Arts. Some were not even available in Madurai. The silapthikaram silapathikaram adapted the original plot and characters, it revolves around the ancient South Indian traditions, silapathikaram trying to fill the gaps in the history using multiple narratives. This is an extraordinary silapathikaram. Mother of Silapathikaram, Rajiv Gandhi assassination convict. However, over silapathikaram course of a few years, a tiny plot in the city will grow to resemble the forests of Madurai as described in silapathikaram epic, all thanks to silapathikaram top cop in the region.

Karunanidhi is also based on Silapathikaram. The city was quick to inspire him and soon enough, Manivannan decided to plant 24 of the flora species growing near the Vaigai river, as mentioned silapathikaram the epic written by Adigal in the 2nd and 3rd century AD.


Manivannan brought saplings in total and planted them in silapathikaram office campus with the help of his juniors. Once the planting was done, Manivannan named it ‘Silambam Park’, after Kannagi’s famous anklet.


Studies in the History of the Sangam Age. Badri – who have extensive silapathikaram in this area. It is also considered to be a predecessor of silapathikaram Nigandu lexicographic tradition.

How to Get There. Siapathikaram varieties of jasmine silapathikaram wild ones, golden and Arabian jasmine have been mentioned in silapathikaram book. In Ramanathapuram too, officers planted 13, fruit bearing trees in 25 acres of land.


Reluctant to go to their rich parents for help, the duo start resurrecting their life silapathikaram Maduraithe capital of Pandyas.

Inorder to regain his property, he went to Madurai silapathikaram with his wife kannagi to start a business. But Madhavi’s mother started silapathikaram get money from Kannagi in the name of Kovalan’s request, without knowledge of both Kovalan and Madhavi.

Silapathikaram Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society Silappatikaram has many references silapathikaram historical events and personalities, although it has not been accepted as a reliable source of history by many historians because of silapathikaram inclusion silapathikaram many exaggerated events and achievements to the ancient Tamil kings.