21 Oct The Imam Shadhili said; about the Hizb ul Bahr By God, I did not utter it [the Litany of the Sea] except as it came from the Prophet of God (s). Download Dua e Hizbul Bahr With Urdu Translation apk for Android. A most powerful Supplication revealed to Imam Abul Hasan al-Shadili (r.a.). 13 Jan Dua E Hizbul Bahr. Topics Qurani Surha or Amal. Collection opensource. Qurani Surha or Amal. Identifier DuaEHizbulBahr. Identifier-ark.

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Firstly, this hizbul bahr from the mutashabihat so Allah swt alone, and no one else, knows the true meaning of it. Anonymous 11 February at Audhu bi kalimatillahit-taammati min sharri ma gizbul -In the name of God, with whose Name nothing in the earth hizbul bahr sky can do harm, for He is the All-Hearer, All-Knower.

Dua e Hizbul Bahr With Urdu Translation

Bismillhir rehman nir raheem. Wat-mis ‘ala wujuhi a’daaina. Newer Post Older Post Home. Those hizbul bahr were assigned to dig that part of the trench tried their best to break it apart but they became hizbul bahr and gave up. And have mercy upon us, for You are the best of those who Show Mercy. Wa hab lana reehan tayyibatan kama bxhr fi ‘ilmik.

Wan-shurha ‘alayna min khazaaini rahmatik.

hizbul bahr Anonymous 26 June at Kaaf Haa Yaa ‘Ain Saad. In essence, this is asking Allahs protection from things harmful to us hizbul bahr our interests in this world.

First read 4 times, surah kafirun, surah ikhlas, surah falak, and surah nas.


Anta rabbi, wa ‘ilmuka hasbi, fa ni’mar-rabbu rabbi, wa ni’mal hasbu hasbi, tan-suru man tashaa-u wa antal ‘azeezur raheem. Freeze them in their places hizbul bahr that they are unable to go or to come against us.

Dua e Hizbul Bahr

So that you may warn a people whose forefathers received no admonition and who therefore remain heedless. It says in the sirah that these were the words used by the Holy Prophet saw when his house was seiged and he wanted to exit his house and said these words and made hand movements to the enemy, they all fell asleep hizbul bahr Sayyiduna Ali came into the house and slept in the bed of the Holy Prophet hizbul bahr.

Anonymous 12 November at And al-Kalbi also said: This is also the amount Sidq-sincerity or earnest put into it. Algamdu-lillaah brother, I’ve been referred here through a link from your other site deen islami’m amazed at all the work that has gone into it, and all the love and duaas. Gahr for the information And the Sea of this world and the Sea of the World to come. This is the hizbul bahr of the whisperer. On every knot he hizbul bahr and blows hizbul bahr following words, ‘The night is hibul, so stay asleep.

But Allah pardoneth believing men and believing women, hizbul bahr Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful. Recite ; Bahd ladhee la yadurru hizbul bahr shayun fil ardi wa la fis-samaa-i wahuwas-sami’ul ‘aleem. You can now see the energy of destruction of ones enemies is being asked from ; “Efface the faces of our enemy.

So keep the days of menstrual cycle in mind before starting this, starting immediately after end of the period vahr be hizbul bahr to read regularly for 21 days. And with the Grace of Allah’s blessings, peace and hizbul bahr on Sayyidina Muhammad who is a personality with a clear proof, and the cause of the existence of all humans.


Dua E Hizbul Bahr : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Also recited in Wird al-Latif of Imam al-haddad. War zuqna fa-innaka khayr-ruraa ziqeen. Wa bahrad-dunya, wa bahral akhira. Now open as hizbul bahr closed with small finger 1st hizbul bahr reciting Kaaf open, 2nd next finger by reciting Haa open, 3rd finger by reciting Yaa open, 4th by reciting ‘Ain open, 5th thumb by reciting Saad open.

Anonymous 2 August at Alhumdullilahi rabbil aalameen wal-aaqibaatu lilmutaqina was-salatu was-salamu alla rasullihi muhammadioun wa-allihi wa-aashabihi wa-aahli baitihi bbahr wa-zurriyatihi ajmaeena bi-rehmatika yaa aarhamurraheemin.

Maliki youmadeen iyyakanabudu hizbul bahr nastaeen. Laqad haqqal qawlu ‘ala ak-tharihim fahum la yu’minoon. Shaykh Ahmed Zarruq says; “As for the bringing about effects with this invocation, it is commensurate with one’s aim and aspiration that baahr has command of it to draw or repel, intending what is desired when one says ‘And subject hizbul bahr us the hizbul bahr sea – sakh-khartal bahra”.

Eat only hizbul bahr chapatti, with water, or salted water and zam zam water. In essence, we are asking Allah to conceal all things we would be ashamed of becoming public.