Download and view manual or user guide ABTRONIC X2 FITNESS BELT others online. Click here to go to download ABTRONIC X2 FITNESS BELT others for. If you don’t want to use the gel please order off our Abtronix X2 With Gel Pads add) 1 AbTronic X2 Controller 1 Carry Bag 1 Diet and Instruction Manual 2. Includes:1 Set of Regular Pads (Gel Included), 1 Set of Gel Pads,1 AbTronic X2 Controller, 1 Carry Bag, 1 Diet and Instruction Manual, and 2 Batteries.

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Manual Abtronic X2 En Español Gratis

Please follow these instructions to reduce the size of the belt: This will be enhancing your body’s shape, definition and muscle hardness. A slight redness of the skin after a session with the AbTronicX2 is normal.

Every operation is clearly shown on the LCD display and all programs will run automatically. Use the AbTronicX2 for approximately 20 minutes gradually increasing the intensity until a very intense contraction is felt.

We also recommend you use only Mode 4 WorkOut-Mode during the first week. Some doctors recommend the AbTronicX2 after Liposuction to improve definition. I noticed a redness of the skin after the exercise.

How should I use AbTronicX2 to speed up my recovery rate? Strengthens lower arms Tightens the upper arm.

ABTronic 2X Instructions Manual

Important Guidelines The AbTronicX2 is extremely safe and simple to use, however, AbTronicX2 does not take any responsibility for any harm caused due to misuse of the product.


Especially with the abtroic channel exercise number 8 you will reach maximum efficiency. The unique frequencies of the AbTronicX2 allows deep contractions that exercise all muscle fibers, every fiber becomes thicker and tighter as the muscle een up.

This is achieved by using many different kinds of frequencies and intensities and by addressing all of your muscle fibers with changing routines. Spelregels forum Om tot zinvolle vragen te komen hanteren wij de volgende spelregels: Fit the 4 conductive pads targeting the desired exercise areas.

Descargar manual abtronic x2 en español pdf – bilropyfolbolecomcompcoupdeahoshe

Also helps with spread and definition. For ease of use the LCD display can be flipped upside down to make reading easy when wearing the belt. If you start exercising as soon as possible after childbirth the muscles will come back into shape and you will regain your figure. This will rotate the display degrees for easy reading. The unit will not work if you are not wearing it, if there is not enough conducting gel present or no load is connected C ALARM: You will feel relaxed and confident because mnual will feel good and look your best.

Manual abtronic x2 en español gratis

The point behind the knee can be found about 4cm above the joint. Calves Gives relaxation and soothing similar to cycling.

AbTronicX2 is a personalised training and toning tool and can be adapted to suit the individual. If you want to use the AbTronicX2 for Cellulite treatment, to reduce the appearance of a “dimpled look”, use it in e with the specially formulated AbTronicX2 Thigh Lotion not included.


Insert 2 x AAA batteries by following the polarity indications in the compartment. The velcro pads are easy to put on: A discoloration of the conductive area and a “crumbled look” after many uses however is normal. Exercises the lower abdomen and back. For high kicking or gymnastics the upper thigh should be trained. After a few sessions you should be able to start increasing the intensity further until after a while you are back to normal vigorous movements.

No medical claims are implied or warranted by the use of this product. Please look at the rear Velcro flaps how to adjust the belt and check how to attach the control unit. Unlike regular massagers that merely vibrate and are quite noisy, the AbTronicX2 is absolutely quiet and your own muscles provide the massage, stimulating increased blood flow in the area resulting in a natural pleasant warmth and deep relaxation.

According to your comfort use either Mode 2, 4 or 8 with medium to low intensity levels sbtronic melt away tension and enjoy a deep relaxing personal massage with your AbTronicX2 System, whenever you wish. Add to my manuals Add.