an München schätzen. München ist zudem die sicherste Stadt in Deutschland .. mit an den Standort angepassten Vermietungskonzepten dem Markt sehr .. Industrie-/Logistikimmobilien / Industry/logistics properties. 4, the issue of corporate real estate in Germany for the first time.1 . Logistikimmobilien – Markt und Standorte Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz. CREDITS. Der Markt für Büro-, Industrie- und Gewerbeflächen in der Region Berlin. (Berlin: JLLS). Jones Lang LaSalle (), Logistikimmobilien-Report Deutschland . “Gewerbesuburbanisierung – Die Tertiärisierung der suburbanen Standort”.

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As they do not do business for an altruistic reason, standirte items of interest why suppliers and demanders work together also need to be taken into account, i. Especially, surveys marit experts and practitioners are essential for knowledge building. Employees that perform logistics tasks at manufacturers and trade companies are not taken into account. Besides that, synergies can be leveraged there more easily.

This top 10 list presents the demand side of the chemical logistics market for Germany as a result of a study conducted in with turnover information available for Besides building knowledge on where logistics hotspots are located, the database was created in order to monitor and evaluate the development and structure of German logistics real estates.

As the plus symbol indicates, mrkt infrastructural conditions mar,t these trade lanes are good, one can assume that the average speed of 60 km per hour can be reached within these countries.

Therefore, chemical logistics space can primarily be detected close to the historically settled production plants of the chemical industry along the Rhine, which is one of the most important inbound trade lanes for chemical raw materials Kille and Schwemmer, The article aims at giving basic data and interpretations on the chemical logistics sector in Germany.


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A backload factor of 1. Time and distance profiles for the mentioned trade lanes are displayed in table 1. These reports mostly published data for the Big 5 sites in Germany Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munichlogisitkimmobilien did not cover the country as a whole.

Whereas the outsourcing degree of distribution processes within the chemical industry in Germany is already comparatively high, outsourcing in the field of highly complex and integrated logistics offers potential for future growth.

Chemielogistik im Kontext allgemeiner logistischer Anforderungen, in: These sites are operated by a service provider who additionally offers properties, infrastructure, maintenance, facility management and further site services.

This data collection method enables high transparency levels due to the availability of these resources to the public.

Usually, these databases allow an export of data according to the industrial classifications that are used by statistical offices. In order to assess logistics employment entirely, Fraunhofer SCS developed an approach that allows considering the logistics relevance based on single job descriptions that are cataloged in the German employment statistics from the Federal Employment Agency.

A complex logistikimmobiline of produced goods requires a suitable logistics mix. The third distance measure denotes the furthest distance to connect the countries. Analyses show that – regarding logistics employees – there are 15 additional employees necessary for administrative and management processes in the background logistikimmobiilien. The database is also very suitable to evaluate logistics properties of an economic sector – to suggest its local hotspots loggistikimmobilien its site requirements.

The most important countries for Germany with regard to trading chemical commodities are the Netherlands and Belgium.

Business Chemistry | The logistics profile of the German chemical industry

Fachserie 1 Reihe 4. Developing key performance indicators for supply chain: Finally, those synergies led to an increase in efficiency and cost reduction Grap and Milnikel, Further settlement clusters represent Hamburg as central inbound site for containerized goods from overseas, Halle in the middle of Germany deutsch,and Burghausen in the South of Bavaria.


Section 7 concludes with final remarks and suggests fields where research should help to gain transparency on industry-specific logistics. The findings are based on a combination of primary research and secondary data in the field of logistics service providers, logistics agglomerations and logistics employment.

The river Rhine between Rotterdam and Mannheim in Germany is the single most important trade lane for hinterland traffic from the port of Rotterdam. Until now, LSPs standortee take on distribution processes Krupp et al. Certificates that prove deutschlxnd LSPs are able to handle hazardous goods and fulfill quality standards are relevant to build trust to possible contractors.

Data available at https: When using data this way, a basic prerequisite is that the retrieved statistics are structured according to these industry classifications.

This industry code does not obey the cross-sectional characteristic of logistics but encompasses the LSP market. A need for operational logistics activities exists when handling and storing highly diverse materials chemicals, hazardous materials, liquids, etc. The Agile Supply Chain. Subsequent to the introduction, section 2 gives an overview of the chemical industry in Germany.

Contemporary logistics research tends to be focused on particular topics and case studies focus on single companies or particular developments. Thus, supply chain planners need to take into account what the market and customers need Fisher, and not only what the products and goods handled might need.

Each of these sections 3 to 5 presents methods as well as results.