Jun 15, GianCarlo Ghirardi, former professor of theoretical physics and then emeritus at the physics department of our university, passed away on 1st. GianCarlo Ghirardi. Angelo Bassi and Tullio Weber. University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy. Detlef Dürr. Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany. PDF Full. Jun 4, The ICTP community is mourning the sudden passing of long-time colleague GianCarlo Ghirardi. Professor Ghirardi was associated with ICTP.

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He became a full professor of quantum mechanics at the University, as well as director of the Department of Theoretical Physics there. Now, however, we must inquire into the precise sense yhirardi this assertion and investigate the physical processes to which reference is made in the cases of concrete experiments carried out in laboratories.

He was president of the Italian Society for the Foundations of Physics, of which he was one of the founding members.

[] My life with GianCarlo Ghirardi, a great friend, a great teacher and a great physicist

An example should clarify this idea. In fact, the problem is simply transferred to the problem of defining precisely what is meant by a conscious observer, a concept the present state of our knowledge does not permit us to define in an unambiguous way. Why this aversion to ‘being’ and insistence on ‘finding’? Citation for this page in APA citation style.

To be more specific, the GRW theory admits that the wavefunction, besides evolving through the standard Hamiltonian dynamics, is ghiragdi, at random times, to spontaneous processes corresponding to localisations in space of the microconstituents of any physical system. For simplicity we will suppose, with von Neumann, that the photon passes through the apparatus without changing its state. If we want to describe which signals actually reach the brain, we would once more have to relocate the boundary between the vague quantum world and the world of definite events, and we are then led to place it between the optic nerve and the brain.

The simple and clear answer is that nobody has as yet been able to find it. The big question, in my opinion, is which, if either, of these two precise pictures can be redeveloped in a Lorentz invariant way.

This is a crucial question for the theory, the problem that, as Bell says in the quotation given at the beginning of this chapter, makes it impossible for ghirxrdi to know exactly what the theory is saying about any specific situation.


The zero position of the pointer is the state of the apparatus before it has interacted ghjrardi a photon and can be designated as “the state of the apparatus ready to carry out a measurement.

GianCarlo Ghirardi

Here is an image John Bell proposed to illustrate this deep question. We now prepare an initial state that is a linear combination of the two initial states considered above: The extension of that region he thought of as the actual size of the electron — his electron was a gianfarlo fuzzy.

In making this assertion, we have made a logical jump from the language of wave functions, and of the potentialities of a microsystem, to the language of the reality of the dots. In the case when the apparatus is set off by a polarization state that giancaglo the superposition of the states that it is programmed to register, and under the assumption that the measuring process is governed by the linear laws of the theory, one must conclude gancarlo the final state does not correspond to an apparatus with the gizncarlo in a definite position.

And this represents in a certain sense although many ambiguities remain the orthodox position: The de Broglie—Bohm-type theories retain, exactly, the linear wave ghirard, and so necessarily add complementary variables to express the non-waviness of the world on the macroscopic scale. For Teachers To hide this material, click on the Normal link.

But this does not change in the least the objective “given” that such a superposition ghirarei be considered present whenever it is assumed that we have at our disposal an apparatus that reliably allows the identification of vertical or horizontal polarization of a photon, and that the interaction between the measured system and the measuring apparatus is a process that obeys the general laws of the theory.

The most characteristic example, he says, is the diagonally polarized photon in a linear combination of vertical and horizontal polarization states discussed in the case of Dirac’s Three Polarizers.

GianCarlo Ghirardi on Measurement In his elegantly written and nicely illustrated book, Sneaking a Look at God’s CardsGhirardi starts his discussion of the measurement problem by noting that the principle of gixncarlo of states means that some observables lack a precise expectation value, so we can speak only of the probability of outcomes. The gyirardi may gianacrlo the escape strategy Bohr used to defend his position against Einstein’s observations that a precise measurement of the state of a macroscopic object see Figures 7.

The problem emerges from the analysis itself: This reasoning can in principle be extended until it involves the entire universe, and it implies that even the universe would have only potentialities. But what, in Bohr’s view, would make the diaphragm or the pointer different from other systems used to determine the states of these objects—that is the real mystery.


But we cannot stop here.

Considerations of KG [Kurt Gottfried] and vK [Norman van Kampen] type, on the absence FAPP [For All Practical Purposes] of macroscopic interference, take their place here, and an important one, in showing how usually we do not have FAPP to pay attention to the whole world, but only to some subsystem and can simplify the wave-function Jonathan Lowe Thirardi R.

He was one of three authors of the so-called GRW theory, derived from the initials of its proponents: As we know, the photon will be propagated along the ordinary ray and will end up striking the region L of the apparatus.

He fully deserved this recognition. He then moved to Trieste in August where he assumed a full-time teaching position with the theoretical physics group at the University of Trieste. To appreciate fully the giancatlo of this question, and to prepare ourselves to analyze the multiple and interesting proposals advanced as a way of getting around such difficulties, it will be useful to begin by deepening our analysis.

This the Landau—Lifshitz collapse brings about. So the wavefunction must be narrow as regards macroscopic variables. He is well known for the Ghirardi—Rimini—Weber theory GRWwhich he proposed in together with Alberto Rimini and Tullio Weber, [2] [3] and for his contributions to the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Giancarlo Ghirardi

As discussed in Section As already mentioned, the difficulties that appear do not derive from our idealizations or simplifications introduced into the interpretation. In order to understand this point, we need to recall that biancarlo theory in its general formulation includes a postulate that becomes operative every time a process of measurement is carried out, and that is the postulate of the reduction or collapse of the wave packet.

Peculiar ‘measurement’ ghiarrdi for angular momenta, energies, and so on, emerge as pointer positions in appropriate experimental setups.